Heavy Duty highly flexible industrial strength braided 3 phase extension lead manufactured from rubber insulated cable with UV stabilised neoprene sheathing. Resistant to mechanical stresses, oils, chemical corrosion and weathering. For use in dry, damp or wet environments.

Available in 20A, 32A, 50A, 63A & in various lengths

What is an earth screen?

An earth screened 3 phase lead is internally the same as a normal 3 phase extension lead. What makes it different is the addition of a tinned copper braid around the diameter of the cable that is then covered by another UV stabilised rubber outer sheath. The tinned copper braid is then connected to the earth pin at the plug and socket end so if the lead is damaged then there is more potential for the electricity to flow to the earth path tripping the RCD, or earth safety protection device, preventing electrocution to personnel and protecting equipment.

Product Information:

  • Available with 56 Style or CEE Form (European) IP66 plug and socket
  • Conductor – Fine wire tinned annealed copper to IEC 60228
  • Insulation Inner: Polyethylene Outer: E-Rubber®
  • Core Colour: black, blue, red, white, green/yellow (Australian Standard)
  • Temperature Range: -40° C – +90°C
  • Complies to AS3012 for construction for use as sub mains cable
  • Plugs and sockets comply to IEC60309 and/or AS3123