Manufacturers of portable power distribution boards that meet and exceed Australian Standards, keep workers safe and can stand up to the harsh rigors of our Australian environment.

Based in Coolum Beach on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia we are a team of 13 and have been consistently growing since opening the doors in 2009.


To be innovators of High-Quality Power Boards in Australia. Powersafe are recognised as leaders in the safety space who are renowned for solving complex problems using our ability to engineer and manufacture power boards and power related products that keep Australians safe in the workplace.


At Powersafe we are committed to rising to industry challenges in a responsive timeframe. The Powersafe team will demonstrate excellence through our commitment to delivering improved solutions to the market and emerge as leaders who respond to change with speed, determination and great customer service.

Powersafe Products are available through electrical wholesalers, and reputable industrial suppliers and tool stores.

We’re Protected so you are protected from dangerous copies.

Our products are protected by either registered designs, patents, trademarks & certification or a combination of IP protection. We know that there are companies in the market who think our product is so good that they duplicate what we have created. 


3/26-28 Link Cres, Coolum Beach 

We have a 905m2 facility based in Coolum which is where we design and manufacture all of our products. Our warehouse has the capacity to manage adequate amounts of stock. Our Electrical installation facility is equipped with wire strippers & torque screwdrivers (every single screw is installed at exactly the right torque). Our CNC section houses 2 CNC Routers and a Laser Cutter/Engraver, these machines allow us to customise and control all of our operations from our facility without the need to outsource.Our testing facility comprises of multiple load banks to varying voltages, a temperature testing chamber and a High Voltage Hipot Megameter. 


We have a variety of equipment, all of which help us to manufacture the best quality products.

  • CNC Router x 2
  • Laser Cutter/Engraver
  • Torque Screwdrivers
  • 2 x RCD Test Station
  • Temperature testing & load bank chamber
  • Hipot tester (high voltage Megameter)
  • 1 x 415V Load Bank
  • 6 x 240V Load Bank
  • Acrylic Bender
  • 3D Printer
  • Pillar Drill
  • Wire Stripper


We have a dedicated team at Powersafe. We pride ourselves on our skilled, quality team and our excellent customer service. We employ qualified electricians to manufacture our proprietary products. Our accuracy and speed in creating our unique products (often customised) is what sets us apart. At Powersafe we work in a systematic, cohesive manner which ensures that our culture is strong and good communication is fostered.


We build power boards that are used in industrial applications such as mine sites, construction sites and large public spaces for events like festivals and markets. 

Safety is our priority – we aim to keep workers on work sites safe and our products ensure that everyone on all sorts of worksites from all sorts of industries go home safe. 

We will not build non compliant products. we will simply not risk our quality accreditation or exposure ourselves to liability in building non compliant equipment, so you can trust Powersafe to keep your site risk free at all times. 


Michael & Vic head up the management team with key personnel who keep a tight ship. Our management processes and workflows are well thought out and ensure that the team knows what they are doing, when and how. The build of our boards is well documented in assembly instructions, which ensures our accuracy, consistency and efficiency across the board. Our customer service is seamless and the team are committed to delivering both quality product combined with impeccable customer service. 


Our lean focused operation runs like clockwork. We employ electricians to manufacture our products and have technical assistants to ensure that the electricians have everything that they need to complete the build of the boards in the most efficient timeframe.


Because we have 2 CNC routers on site and a laser cutter on the premises, we can manage all of the build in house – we do not outsource any part of it once our components and moulds have arrived at the warehouse. We have the capacity to grow as we have just moved into larger premises in late 2020.


Our processes ensure our administration is well organised and efficient, this is evident in our stock control and project management of our work orders all the way to dispatch and after sales.

Our admin team can administer any questions or redirect to the most suitable person with efficiency and professionalism. Our customer service response time is important to us and something we take pride in.


As a progressive company we see marketing as an essential part of our growth. As a supplier into the electrical wholesale market, we understand that our customers need good marketing to help their customers choose our quality compliant products.

With our eyes focused on a future that sees us expanding, growing into new markets and countries we see marketing as an integral part of our vision.


Our sales division are experienced and knowledgeable especially in the field of electrical engineering and the application of power in industrial applications. All of our products are backed by a warranty and a customer service promise. Each of our sales team are capable of assisting with complex problems and working with clients to solve often what appear to be unsolvable problems on site.

Our understanding of the management of mine site downtime and construction site progress helps us to develop products that meet requirements to minimise disruption.

We use Salesforce as our chosen platform to manage our sales funnel which means we know what is happening at every stage of the sales cycle. This helps us to ensure that all of our enquiries are promptly dealt with and any urgent enquiries are fed into our work order system immediately.


Customisation – we know that sometimes a standard product won’t fix a specific problem, which is why we can offer to customise our own standard products. This may mean that you require more outlets, safety switches, RCBO or an RCD (or maybe both). Perhaps you would like to opt for an emergency stop or indication lights – whatever your requirements – we can alter our mould cut outs to suit your desired layout. 

At Powersafe we offer a power board refurbishment service, so if you already have a Powersafe power board, we can upgrade or change out your sockets and outlets to ensure that your board is 100% compliant.  At the same time why not look at ordering new leads and accessories and have an upgraded power board kit delivered.


Our products are used in industrial applications such as mine sites, industrial plants, construction sites and even in public spaces where large scale events such as markets and festivals are being held.

Our range of products include power boards, leads, lights, RCD’s and accessories. We offer customised solutions to ensure that the exact requirements and outlets are installed onto the power boards.

We design and manufacture all power boards and leads from our facility in QLD, Australia. Our team use Fusion 360 and SkyCad to design the power boards and our state-of-the-art CNC routers, laser cutter and wire strippers to deliver the best finish to our unique products.

Qualified Electricians build our products, so we are 100% sure that the products we deliver are 100% compliant, safe and tested.


We design and manufacture single phase, three phase and mountable / generator power boards. Our power boards are stackable, easy to carry, robust and carefully constructed. Our power boards are specified on many sites in Australia as the must have form of power distribution boards for contractors.