Portable power distribution at its finest: The ACS63-01-IP65 is the Powerhouse of the Powersafe Fleet and the ultimate solution for portable power distribution on construction or mine sites and major events. With the necessary safety features to protect personnel and equipment on site. The plug-and-play design allows the ACS63-01-IP65 to be easily moved from site to site with no electrician required for installation. Reducing transport and storage costs by fitting 12 boards per pallet.

This board is fitted with a CEE Form inlet & may require an adaptor lead for compatibility with your power source.




Product Information:

  • Fitted with the Powersafe Thermal Management System
  • Main Board Isolating Switch (lockable)
  • 1 x 63A 415V 5 pin IP67 CEE Form appliance inlet
  • 1 x 63A 415V 5 pin IP67 CEE Form switched cascade outlet
  • 3 x 32A 415V 5 pin IP66 switched socket outlets
  • 12 x 15A 240V 3 pin IP66 auto switched outlets
  • 1 x 63A 3 pole Main MCB 10kA
  • 1 x 63A 4 pole RCD 10kA 30mA (for three phase outlets)
  • 3 x 32A 3 pole MCB 10kA
  • 6 x 20A 2 pole RCBO 10kA 30mA
  • 1 x IP66 breather drain
  • Optional Extras include, emergency stop, phase indication lights

Dimensions:       520mm (L) x 530mm (W) x 660mm (H) Stackable Design
Weight:                34kg