Powersafe: Industries

We build power boards that are used in industrial applications such as mine sites, construction sites and large public spaces for events like festivals and markets.

Safety is our priority – we aim to keep workers on work sites safe and our products ensure that everyone on all sorts of worksites from all sorts of industries go home safe.

We will not build non compliant products. we will simply not risk our quality accreditation or exposure ourselves to liability in building non compliant equipment, so you can trust Powersafe to keep your site risk free at all times. 


Providing solutions for mine shutdowns and maintenance work, Powersafe provides robust, heavy duty portable power distribution equipment designed to handle the high demand and rough treatment experienced during shutdown work. Commonly used by contractors and mine site employees, Powersafe equipment is used where safety is prioritised by the use of Braided extension leads or IP66 Power Boards.

  • Heavy Duty solution for temporary power distribution for both everyday usage and mine shutdowns 
  • Australian made to help  meet Australian industry content requirements and ensure the highest possible quality and compliance 
  • Maintain Safety Standards such as AS/NZS 61439.4
  • Allowing efficient use of time during shutdowns – does not require an electrician to set up and operate 
  • Can be fitted with a Thermal Management System for high current draw applications. Reducing the rate of component failure and the risk of arc flash 

Construction & Commercial​

Serving the construction industry for over a decade, Powersafe’s plug and play solutions allow safe distribution of power across the worksite without the need for electricians to install temporary switchboards. 

  • Maintain Safe distribution of power across entire worksite
  • Ensure your site meets and maintains Workplace Health & Safety Standards including AS/NZS 3012 & AS/NZS 61439.4
  • Our PSOA and ACS powerboards have been designed with the construction market in mind to ensure your worksite meets safety and compliance standards
  • Our products are IP65 or IP66 rated for outdoor use


Commonly found at weekend markets providing power distribution for a mains supply or generator. Powersafe offers solutions for high draw applications such as multiple coffee machines, fridges, cooking and baymaries ensuring everyone on site has adequate power, allowing each stall holder to have independent safety switches within the same distribution board. 

  • Allows the daisy chaining of powerboards from one power supply  
  • Mitigate electrical risk by providing individual safety switches for each outlet
    (Other stall holders will not be affected in the event of one stall tripping the safety switch)
  • Cable cover solutions to avoid trip hazards in public spaces 
  • Can be fitted with a Thermal Management System for high current draw applications 

Hire Companies

Where it all started for Powersafe, providing cost-effective solutions for the Australian hire industry. Plug and Play solutions for general hire applications across all industries. Offering a cost effective and extremely robust design allowing for a greater return on capital investment for hire companies. 

  • Ensure you are hiring out the best quality equipment that will last longer, thus providing a greater return for the hire company 
  • Online user guides Keep your customers safe by ensuring they understand how to distribute power safely 

Equipment manufactured to meet multiple Australian standards such as construction and event applications allowing one fleet of equipment to be hired out across multiple industries. 

Concerts & Festivals

For large events, Powersafe provides solutions for applications up to 400 Amps allowing the design and implementation of a temporary power grid to accommodate the largest of events. 

  • Designed and tested solutions for events, including meeting new requiremetns under the revised event standard AS/NZS 3002 
  • Solutions for cable management making  your festival a success by keeping it free of trip hazards
  • Can be fitted with a Thermal Management System for high current draw applications 
  • Distribute all power responsibly


Providing solutions to the Australian Defence Force since 2017. Powersafe supply directly to defence as well as working with many of the large defence prime contractors such as Boeing, Leidos, Winchester and others. 

  • Perfect for field deployable power applications such as deployable command centres and field hospitals 
  • We can work on both large and custom scale projects for the Defence Force
  • Our Products meet and exceed All Australian Standards
  • We have been working with various levels of Defence for many years and have been involved in a number of key projects both in the field and at the barracks.

Field Deployable Power Distribution Supplying Australian Defence Industry

  • Reduce Risk
  • Increase deployment capabilities

Can be used for General Deployment for standard fleets, can be custom built for special projects.


  • Australian Department of Defence
  • Boeing Defence Australia
  • BAE Systems Australia
  • Thales Australia
  • Winchester
  • C3 Systems
  • QinetiQ
  • Ausbright
  • Birdon
  • Eniquest
  • Gilmore Space Technologies
  • Defence Science & Technology Group