Powersafe: Industries

We build power boards that are used in industrial applications such as mine sites, construction sites and large public spaces for events like festivals and markets.

Safety is our priority – we aim to keep workers on work sites safe and our products ensure that everyone on all sorts of worksites from all sorts of industries go home safe.

We will not build non compliant products. we will simply not risk our quality accreditation or exposure ourselves to liability in building non compliant equipment, so you can trust Powersafe to keep your site risk free at all times. 


Our Power Boards are used in mining applications. If you experience continuous connection issues or cannot turn off your power board in a mining application – this is a hazard. Our Power Boards have a Distribution Board Isolating Switch (not behind a window) as required by Austral Standards.

Our Power Boards also assist with the distribution of power during a shutdown procedure. Having to shut down the entire mine is very expensive and unnecessary. With Powersafe Power boards you can isolate power to certain areas and work on the equipment that requires attention, test the fix and then get back to work without having to disrupt an entire army of contractors.

power board shell

Our ACS Power Boards both meet and exceed the AS/NZS 61439 standards, although this standard was updated in April 2021 to only apply to boards over 125A, we were already well advanced in our design and development of our Thermal Management System (TMS) which mounts in the lid the lid of our boards. Even though the legislation was changed at the last minute the amendment states that all boards must consider the environmental conditions in which the are to be used, thus requiring either derating the power board or staying with a TMS to allow the board to be used at maximum capacity in all conditions. So on a mine site where the heat of the Aussie day reaches unbearable temperatures, your power board will work, and at night when the temperature drops below Zero – the board will remain operational.

Talk to us about adding the thermal management system to your next powerboard order.

Case Studies

Sun Metals Case Study

Project title: Sun Metals Client name: Sun Metals Corporation Pty Ltd Total Value of Job: $106,000 (two orders $74k and $31k) Main Contractor: Sun Metals via L&H Electrical Wholesaler, Townsville Scope of works: Designated shutdown Power boards   Sun Metals Zinc Refinery is located 15km


Our PowerSafe Power boards are ideal for working on construction sites, in particular multi-storey sites. The task of managing power between floors whilst the building is under construction can sometimes be a hazard. With our portable power board solutions wherever power is required, it can be managed – safely. 

We know that safety is your priority, and this makes safety our priority too. 

Powersafe’s dedication to research, safety, and quality over the past 15 years, ensures that our products meet or exceed Australian standards. AS/NZS61439.4 and AS/NZS3012. There are a lot of specific requirements for temporary power equipment that need to be met. Our PSOA and ACS range of power boards have been designed, tested, and made here in Australia to meet these stringent requirements. All products are either IP66 or IP65 rated so are suitable for indoor or outdoor use in any weather conditions.

Our understanding of incoming & outgoing power and the safe distribution of temporary power around construction sites, means that the power boards and leads we manufacture are the safest on the market.

Events/Public Spaces

Our range of powerboards are ideal for use at public events such as markets, festivals and sporting stadiums.

The management of cables and trip hazards is imperative where the general public congregate. Overloading circuit boards at events like this is common but unnecessary.  


Keeping the country safe is a huge task, we make it easier by keeping our Defence force workers safe whilst they work, wherever they are, on deployment in the field or in their barracks. 

We have supplied both to Defence Direct and to several Prime Defence suppliers.

Most of the items are in support of “ Field Deployable Projects”.

Some items have gone into Defence and Prime suppliers’ workshops and training facilities.