The Powersafe WMM-01-STD is the most popular configuration of the mountable board range. Offering multiple three-phase and single-phase outlets it meets most power requirements for a wide range of applications. The WMM01-STD is the heavy duty, easy to mount option for generator manufacturers and serious workshop environments.

Product Information:

  • 63A 3 pole Main isolation switch IP65
  • 1 x 63amp 3 pole Main MCB 10kA
  • 2 x 32amp 415V 5 pin IP66 switched socket outlets
  • 4 x 15amp 240V IP66 auto switched outlets
  • 2 x 32amp 3 pole MCB 10kA
  • 1 x 63amp 4 pole RCD 30mA
  • 1 x 20amp 2 pole RCD/MCB combo 10kA 30mA
  • 2 x 16amp 2 pole RCD/MCB combo 10kA 30mA
  • 1 x breather drain
  • Can be fitted with optional lead of your choice.


Dimensions:      770mm (H) x 420mm (W) x 290mm (D)

Weight:            20kg

Board Rating:     63amps three phase 415V

RDF 0.4:                25amps three phase 415V continuous current draw

To draw a full 63A constant load the Powersafe Thermal Management System can be added.


For more information on RDF and thermal management view the videos below







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