The safest and most advanced power distribution system available

Here is the home of versatile portable power solutions. From mine and construction sites to outdoor concerts and major festivals and markets, Powersafe power boards and products are designed and made to deliver safe, reliable distribution of power under the toughest of conditions. Many products are built right here in Australia.

Portable distribution boxes are our flagship product – renowned for their exceptional reliability, durability and safety features.

With customisation available on most of our products, there is no portable power challenge we cannot meet.

POWErSAFE POWER BOARDS AND PRODUCTS – Australian owned and operated.

The Powersafe advantage

At Powersafe Products we offer an unparalleled five-year pro rata warranty. We strive to manufacture and supply the highest quality products on the market, and we stand behind our range.

Manufacturing in Australia allows Powersafe to maintain our reputation for high quality, approved portable power distribution equipment, and quickly adapt our products to changing standards.

Recognised as an ISO 9001 accredited organisation, we adhere to guidelines and standards throughout all operations.

Safety and usability are our focus, with Powersafe Products maintaining the highest level of safety in all products we manufacture.

Our power distribution boards are fully IP66 tested not just the outlets, as we understand that when it comes to complex products, an IP66 rating is only as strong as its weakest component.

Unlike many of our competitors we test and have Individual Australian Compliance Certificates for all items we use in the manufacture of our equipment including outlets, boards, breakers, and cabling.

Most of our boards are manufactured in our Australian facility by certified electricians, with the remaining products undergoing stringent testing (supplied with test results) prior to being sold.

Powersafe distribution boards are designed to be used in a plug and play scenario, often negating the need for an electrician every time you move locations or change power source.

All Powersafe products are manufactured for the harsh, unforgiving environment on many Australian mine and construction sites.

Even though our focus is the mining sector, the advantages of our boards have been recognized by government agencies, festival organisers and entertainment industries for their versatility and reliability.

Only the highest quality materials are used during the manufacture of our range and assembled meeting necessary standards and tested up to IP66.

The Powersafe Research and Development team are on constant lookout for new and exciting concepts and designs for electrical equipment, especially for the mining industry.

We are a progressive company with a commitment to grow our product offering, upgrading on current technologies in response to customer feedback.

We recognise that as technology develops, power distribution requirements can change, and our production processes are constantly upgraded to stay at the forefront of the industry, for example, recently investing in CNC and Laser cutting equipment to increase accuracy and fine tune our range.

Powersafe has built a strong reputation for our ability to build custom boards to meet the specific requirements of individual sites.

Building these boards at our Sunshine Coast factory allows us to meet client specifications and supply in a timeframe the competition can only dream about.

Along with our distribution boards, we carry a range of accessories including: Braided extension leads in single phase and three phase, standard three phase leads (which can also be manufactured to specifications), cable covers and lead stands, making Powersafe your one-stop-shop for your power distribution requirements.

Where are Powersafe power boards and products used

Risk assessment


A risk assessment is required for all application of Powersafe products, no matter at a mining or construction site, or a street marketplace.

As a Business Manager or a General Site Manager, you have a ‘duty’ as the “person conducting a business or undertaking” (PCBU) to protect your business and the safety of workers –be they employees or contractors engaged at your sites.

Three basic questions to consider regarding risk assessment of Powersafe products are:

  • Is the equipment designed for the application?
  • How do you isolate the equipment or make it safe in the event of an incident?
  • Is the equipment compliant and tested?

A Risk Assessment of Portable Power Distribution Boards using AS 4801 as a guidance tool can be supplied as a comprehensive supplementary document referencing Australian Standards and the harmonised Work Health and Safety Laws as provided under the WH&S Act 2011; it’s Regulations and Codes of Practice.

“I know that my clients who are using the Powersafe range will be providing their workers with the best level of electrical protection to ensure that they return home safely each day.”

– Ross Broadfoot | HRB Consulting

key factors on powersafe products when considering risks assessment

Emergency stop buttons are standard on Powersafe units whereas some competitors’ boards can actually be locked ‘ON’ which is very unsafe!

Other brands have no ON/OFF switches, so disconnection by unplugging can cause serious ‘flash arc’ which is unsafe on sites with explosive atmospheres.

Powersafe boards allow for normal operation by site operations without having to remove gloves.

This is standard on Powersafe boards, preventing expensive damage to equipment, while other brands rely on good luck.

For easier and safer viewing whereas competitors’ units use smoked cover which are hazardous in low light.

A quick and easy way to determine if the board is ‘live’ and all three phases are connected. Other brands observed don’t show if the board is energized.


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Powersafe Product is a member of the National Switchboard Manufacturers Association Inc – www.newma.org.au

NESMA is the body that represents member interests in the Electrical Switchboard Manufacturing industry throughout Australia. Formed to advance the art and science of low voltage switchboard design and manufacturing in Australia.