Powersafe was established in 2009 by our Managing Director – Vic Knight (an electrician by trade) who had previously owned an equipment hire business that supplied the mining, construction and event industries. Vic had noticed that the power boards on the market were sub standard and often had issues with dust, water damage and portability. The boards that existed failed to meet AS Stds and claimed to be IP rated (when they were not). The boards were not fit for the purpose of operating in tough Aussie conditions. Really what the market required was a power board that met AS/NZ Standards, actually passed IP certification so it was dust proof and waterproof and had an easier way to carry around the worksite. Australia needed a power board that was fit for our harsh environment.

After some time in R & D Powersafe was born. The goal for our first board was to deliver a high quality, portable, quick deployment power board capable of being used in hostile and outdoor environments and offered high IP rating that met Australian standards and required low maintenance. The market liked what they saw and demand soon increased. Powersafe now employs 13 people (mostly fully qualified electricians) and our range of power board and power related accessories has developed 20 fold.





Our overall business goal is to continue to design and manufacture a range of power boards and associated power products that meet and exceed our customers expectations, that meet or exceed the relevant Australian/NZ standards with test reports and case study to prove it does what we say it does, and to deliver these products with exceptional customer service.


Our passion for safety in the workplace remains our number one priority. We aim to protect workers in places like mine sites, construction sites and those who work in and visit public event spaces. We do this through developing and importing products that enable Australian companies to remain safe and risk free whilst working.

Powersafe Products are available through electrical wholesalers, and reputable industrial suppliers and tool stores.

We’re Protected so you are protected from dangerous copies.

Our products are protected by either registered designs, patents, trademarks & certification or a combination of IP protection. We know that there are companies in the market who think our product is so good that they duplicate what we have created. 


To be innovators of High-Quality Power Boards in Australia. Powersafe are recognised as leaders in the safety space who are renowned for solving complex problems using our ability to engineer and manufacture power boards and power related products that keep Australians safe in the workplace.


At Powersafe we are committed to rising to industry challenges in a responsive timeframe. The Powersafe team will demonstrate excellence through our commitment to delivering improved safe solutions to the market and emerge as leaders who respond to change with speed, determination and great customer service.


Powersafe has a varied collection of customers. We supply power distribution boards into The Defence Force, Construction Market, Mining Industry, and out to a variety of Commercial Customers. We also look after large scale public events like festivals and music events as well as smaller scale events like weekly farmers markets. We have been working with a variety of Hire companies for many years as this is where our journey started. 

Our focus is to work with the industries that need to manage power in the safest way possible. We design with the end user in mind and are able to customise solutions upon request. 


Risk assessment


A risk assessment is required for all application of Powersafe products, no matter at a mining or construction site, or a street marketplace.

As a Business Manager or a General Site Manager, you have a ‘duty’ as the “person conducting a business or undertaking” (PCBU) to protect your business and the safety of workers –be they employees or contractors engaged at your sites.

Three basic questions to consider regarding risk assessment of Powersafe products are:

  • Is the equipment designed for the application?
  • How do you isolate the equipment or make it safe in the event of an incident?
  • Is the equipment compliant and tested?

A Risk Assessment of Portable Power Distribution Boards using AS 4801 as a guidance tool can be supplied as a comprehensive supplementary document referencing Australian Standards and the harmonised Work Health and Safety Laws as provided under the WH&S Act 2011; it’s Regulations and Codes of Practice.

“I know that my clients who are using the Powersafe range will be providing their workers with the best level of electrical protection to ensure that they return home safely each day.”

– Ross Broadfoot | HRB Consulting

key factors on powersafe products when considering risks assessment

Emergency stop buttons are standard on Powersafe units whereas some competitors’ boards can actually be locked ‘ON’ which is very unsafe!

Other brands have no ON/OFF switches, so disconnection by unplugging can cause serious ‘flash arc’ which is unsafe on sites with explosive atmospheres.

Powersafe boards allow for normal operation by site operations without having to remove gloves.

This is standard on Powersafe boards, preventing expensive damage to equipment, while other brands rely on good luck.

For easier and safer viewing whereas competitors’ units use smoked cover which are hazardous in low light.

A quick and easy way to determine if the board is ‘live’ and all three phases are connected. Other brands observed don’t show if the board is energized.


NESMA logo

Powersafe Product is a member of the National Switchboard Manufacturers Association Inc – www.nesma.org.au

NESMA is the body that represents member interests in the Electrical Switchboard Manufacturing industry throughout Australia. Formed to advance the art and science of low voltage switchboard design and manufacturing in Australia.