RCD Duo: The next generation in earth leakage protection

There are many situations where a traditional RCD or RCBO does not offer protection. A traditional RCD isolates power when there is a current imbalance between the active and neutral conductors (fault to earth). To do this the RCD generally relies on good earthing integrity and a low earth impedance.

The Powersafe RCD DUO offers a much broader range of protection by operating in various earthing environments. The RCD DUO is designed to isolate power in the occurrence of a fault to earth on multiple earthed neutral (MEN) and IT type systems.

The RCD DUO is connected to the earth circuit, which however is not required to be earthed, so the need for earth staking generators is a thing of the past. 

Generally, at 40 volts (the potential point to electrocute) the device will trip at 10mA. This can be altered to meet the application at the point of assembly.

Unlike many other devices on the market the RCD DUO has no relays or coils with moving parts and therefore is not subject to vibrations caused by generators and transportation.


When you think of a safety switch you might think of an RCD

Fact: an RCD will not offer any protection whatsoever on an isolated supply

Powersafe have designed a product called the RCD DUO® built with an earth sensing device,  which monitors the earth’s circuit and trips the power like a standard safety switch would in a normal power supply scenario.


The RCD DUO® product is popular with caravan manufacturers as they are starting to fit these as standard to their caravans. 


If a portable inverter generator is being used on a caravan, the safety switch in the caravan won’t actually protect from that power source so manufacturers are now fitting the RCD DUO® to offer that protection to their customers


Caravan Manufacturers are choosing to install the RCD DUO® as the main breaker it’s a standard rcd and then paired onto that is our earth sensing device



Did you know that portable RCD boards will not protect you on most portable generators?

The RCD DUO combines a traditional RCBO and a unique Earth Sensing Device which physically monitors the earth circuit for voltage and current.

For further information please see PDF’s below or check out our videos.


Product Information:

  • Provides earth leakage protection on standard MEN systems
  • Provides protection against faults to Earth in IT and TT electrical systems
  • Perfect for use on Inverters, isolation transformers and UPS systems
  • Available in Single Phase or Three Phase units

The RCD DUO is available in many different configurations for different applications.

Please view our range of products below that utilise the RCD DUO technology.


RCD Duo explained

RDC Duo Product Sheet

Inline RCD Duo

RB4 and RB6 Duo

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