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Powersafe Products is an Australian owned company, manufacturing high quality multiple outlet, portable power distribution boards and accessories. Many of our products are made in our Sunshine Coast facility in Queensland.

At Powersafe Products we offer an unparalleled 5 year pro rata warranty*. We strive to manufacture and supply the highest quality products on the market and we stand behind our range. After recently returning our manufacturing processes back to Australia, upgrades have been made to almost all of our products. Manufacturing here in Australia allows us to maintain our reputation for high quality, approved portable power distribution equipment. Recognised as an ISO 9001 accredited organisation, we adhere to guidelines and standards throughout all operations.

Safety and usability are our focus, with Powersafe Products maintaining the highest level of safety in all products we manufacture.

Our Power Distribution Boards are fully IP66 tested not just the outlets, after all what’s the point of having an IP66 outlet if it is mounted to a bucket. Unlike many of our competitors we test and have Individual Australian Compliance Certificates for all items we use in the manufacture of our equipment including outlets, boards, breakers, and cabling. Most of our boards are manufactured here in our Australian facility by certified electricians, with the remaining products undergoing stringent testing (supplied with test results) prior to being sold.

Powersafe distribution boards are designed to be used in a plug and play scenario, negating the need for an electrician every time you move locations or have a different power source.

Of course it goes without saying all of our products are manufactured for the harsh and rough environment on many mine and construction sites. Even though our focus is the mining sector the advantages of our boards have been recognized by government agencies, festival organisers and entertainment industries for their many applications.

Only the highest quality materials are used during the manufacture of our range and assembled meeting necessary standards and tested up to IP66.

The Powersafe Research & Development team are always looking at new and exciting concepts and designs for electrical equipment, especially for the mining industry. We are a progressive company looking to grow our product offering through new product lines and upgrading on current technologies.

At Powersafe we recognise that as technology develops, the power distribution requirements can change, so we constantly upgrade our production processes to stay at the forefront of the industry, recently investing in CNC and Laser cutting equipment to increase accuracy and fine tune our range.

A large part of our business comes from our ability to build custom boards to meet the specific requirements of individual sites. Building these boards right here on the Sunshine Coast allows us to meet client specifications and supply in a timeframe the competition can only dream about.

Along with our distribution boards, we carry a range of accessories including: Braided extension leads in single phase and three phase, standard three phase leads, cable covers and lead stands, making Powersafe your one stop shop for your power distribution requirements.

we maintain the highest level of safety in all products we manufacture

Unique Powersafe Features

Our Large Industrial Range of power boards come standard with the following features:


Allows the board to be turned on and off while under load. It also provides a point where the entire board can be locked with a padlock.


An IP66 breather drain allows 2 way airflow and 1 way moisture flow out of the board removing any condensation from within the board.


The entire Large Industrial Range including poly board stand are stackable, a popular feature when in storage and transport with some models stacking up to 27 per pallet.


All windows are designed by Powersafe Products and feature a lockable tab which will take up to an 8mm padlock.



Allows the immediate isolation of power supply (required for anyone using machinery under AS4024.1604).


Protects the entire board and connected equipment in the event that the power supply loses voltage below a predetermined level.


These illuminate once power is connected to show power on each phase allowing quick identification if a phase drops out from power supply.

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Another innovation in extension leads from the PowerSafe team is the switched lead socket, which can both potentially save significant amounts of work time over the course of a year and increase the safety of on-site workers. Consider how much time is spent, walking to


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Factors that make for safe work practices on mining sites are multi-faceted. Some are highly visible and costly. Others protect workers in ways that are mostly unheralded and with a minimum of fuss and cost. Extension leads supplied by Powersafe Products significantly reduce risk of

three phase extension leads

3 Phase Extension Leads

On job sites, having a source of consistent, safe power, is essential. Industries across Australia trust Powersafe Products to deliver the supplies necessary to get the job done. Since 2008, the company has been providing everything from power boards and switchgear to 3 phase extension