Potentially unsafe Chinese made copies of Powersafe power boards discovered on the market

Some companies have been importing Chinese-built copies of Powersafe’s MB01 and LB01 power boards.

Powersafe’s General Manager, Michael Mcilrick, said it is in the best interests of every company who bought these copied boards to verify if the boards are compliant to Australian standards including the IP ratings.

“This can be done through visual inspection and obtaining the appropriate test reports from vendors. If they cannot provide the required test reports the boards should be returned to the vendor,” Mr Mcilrick said.

“The copied boards we have sighted, do not have RCM marked RCBO’s, fail temperature rise testing and have exposed internal conductors.

“The supplier of the imported copy was unable to provide a NATA certified IP test report. Conductors were not to AS requirements and the main switch failed to meet Australian Standards requirements along with other items.”

“One of these copied boards was tested under full load and failed temperature rise verification in less than one hour on test and was turned off due to the risk of malfunction.

“The companies which imported these boards from China not only copied a registered design but may have also released unsafe electrical equipment on to the Australian market.

“It doesn’t matter if you bought them two years ago, they may be electrically unsafe and should be removed from service.”

consumer alert

“If you own a board that resembles our MB or LB board, look whether it bears the Powersafe logo on the lid. If it does not, you should contact your vendor immediately and obtain the test reports to ensure you are not exposing yourself or others to potential risk and/or liability.

“Another way to check is via the serial number – call Powersafe and quote your serial number and we can check if and when it was built by us.

“In one way, it’s a compliment. We understand that when you produce a market-leading product, that others will often attempt to get away with selling copies.

“Our MB and LB power boards are Australian made and come under our Australian made registration. This is a commitment we have continued because it gives us greater flexibility and control over quality.”

You can be confident in Powersafe Products – your partner for electrical distribution, supplying boards built to Australian standards, by Australian electricians.

How to verify if a power board complies with Australian standards



RCBO certification to AS standards (RCM marked)- The RCBO can be physically checked to ensure that it has an RCM mark printed on the RCBO.

Be fitted with an isolator that is of a different colour to all other switches and be easily accessible without the use of a key or tool as per AS 3012-14.5.4

The follow test reports should be available on request

Switch and socket outlet test reports or certification to AS 3112, AS3123 or IEC 60309-2.

IP test report by certified lab to the stated IP rating.

Temperature rise verification report.