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frequently asked Questions about our company

Powersafe Products began in 2009 in Coolum on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, selling imported portable power distribution boxes to the Australian market.

In recent years, Powersafe has changed its business model and developed the manufacturing capabilities to produce these boards in Australia, being accredited as an ISO9001 company and approved as “Australian-made”.

Such in-house technology as a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine to automatically cut template from shells and loom making give Powersafe the advantage to control the manufacturing process, ensuring quality at an affordable price.

Powersafe’s primary markets includes mining, defence, hire, and construction (private and civil). There are many smaller markets such as outdoor market and event organisers, the entertainment industry, universities, local councils and generator companies.

 Distribution is Australia wide via electrical, tool and welding wholesalers, also via Powersafe distribution hubs in Queensland and Western Australia. International markets include South Pacific, PNG, US and UK.

Yes, we can sell to you direct, however, our preference is for you to contact one of our local wholesalers around the country. Refer to our “contact” page for further details.

No, Powersafe support several rental companies throughout Australia and New Zealand. Upon request we can refer you to a rental company in your area which uses our products.

frequently asked Questions about our service

We understand that sometimes, tight deadlines are unavoidable, and we specialise in meeting them.

If you have an urgent project, we are ready! For smaller orders we can offer same-week service. Larger custom power boards usually range from 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity and scope of the project.

Yes, we do carry some standard configurations in stock, both in our Queensland and Perth warehouses.

No, the size of your order doesn’t matter. Every order is important to us – whether a once off smaller board or for a major mining project.

Our products are covered by a one -year pro-rata warranty. This means that depending on the amount of time you have had the Powersafe Product, if you make a warranty claim you may have to pay a small pro rata fee, based on the time you have had the product and a percentage of the replacement change to product’s RRP. This is because you have had substantial use from your product, receiving a certain value already from your investment. Our Products that have our Thermal Management System fitted come with a Five Year Pro Rata Warranty.

Outstanding- Even the highest quality components require occasional maintenance. Therefore, all our power boards are especially service friendly. The internal wiring is neatly routed with a peace of mind service loop for easy troubleshooting and maintenance. Components can be easily serviced or replaced within minutes.

Upon request we can provide you support in the field.


Our board shells are made of UV resistant, high-impact polyethylene, chosen to give ensure our products are the most robust, safest and long-lasting on the market.

The polyethylene used in Powersafe power boards is non-conductive, UL94 V0 rated, UV resistant and virtually indestructible.

Polyethylene is designed to tolerate extreme mechanical strain at low and high temperatures. Unlike rubber, polyethylene has an extremely low heat transfer resistance which ensures optimal heat dissipation, keeping the board and its internals cooler.

Polyethylene enclosures won’t break, lose colour or shape as easily as materials used by some other providers do, even when exposed to the harsh Australian environment for many years.

Powersafe’s larger portable power boards are designed with grab handles for easy lifting and can be stacked and secured.

Certification is an important aspect for Powersafe being a requirement for our quality accreditation and liability obligations. 

Most of our boards are manufactured in our Australian facility by certified electricians, with the remaining products undergoing stringent testing (supplied with test results) prior to being sold.

Most of Powersafe’s products are tested under the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) system, used throughout Australia and New Zealand. This system encompasses approvals, meeting set standards, testing and test reports, compliances and adhering to the Declaration of Compliance. Only importers and manufacturers from Australia and New Zealand can participate in this system.

Yes, and Powersafe has made this easier by adding a page on their website (under “Custom Boards”), where you can specify your board online. Alternatively, contact us by phone and we can talk through your specific needs and a design a board to meet your needs perfectly.

Click here to go to our custom board link.

Powersafe has extensive experience in assembling extension leads using various plugs and sockets including Marechal, NHP Pro-connect, Veam-Powerlock, Powersafe 500A & 800A connectors along with various military connections.

If you have a requirement for something a little different, contact us and we will be happy to work with you to build the lead you require.


Australian/New Zealand wiring rules
Applicable at all Electrical installations and devices

Australian/New Zealand wiring rules
Applicable at all Electrical installations and devices

Electrical Installations – Construction and Demolition sites
Additional requirements for construction and demolition sites

Electrical installations – Shows, carnivals and events
Additional requirements for shows, carnivals and eventsC4

Approval and test specification Residual Current Device (RCD)
Requirements for Residual Current Devices such as power boards with a lead and plug

Electric flexible cords
Requirements for cable used to make extension leads

Superseded with AS/NZS61439.4
Low-voltage switchgear assemblies particular requirements for construction sites.

Low Voltage switchgear and control assemblies (switchboards)
Low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies General Rules

DBO Distribution board for use buy ordinary people
Low-voltage switchgear assemblies intended to be operated by ordinary persons (DBO)

ACS Distribution boards for use on construction site and events
Low-voltage switchgear assemblies particular requirements for construction sites.

AS/NZS61439 & a requirement under AS3012 & AS3002C14

Only type of multiple outlet power board with a lead and plug allowed to be used on construction sites, must be certified to AS/NZS 3190

PRCDs are powerboards with built in RCDs. These are not suitable for construction or event sites.

Basic power boards generally domestic application, no RCD protection.

Device designed to protect against the risks of electrocution and fire caused by earth faults. Monitors the Active and Neural conductors.

An RCBO is a device that combines the charecteristics on and RCD and an MCB

Device designed to prevent excessive current flow through a circuit. Prevents wiring preventing overheating leading to fires and arc flash

The Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) shows that a product is safe to supply to the Australian market and has been tested.

Extension lead with a metal braided sheath connected to the earth to provide extra protection in the event of damage to the lead, required under various standards.

A thermal management system that monitors and adjusts the temperature of an enclosure.

Classifies the degree of protection provided by an enclosure, for electrical equipment, First digit = solids, Second digit = liquids

Company that independently conducts testing and certification of equipment to ensure it meets Australian Standards.

Standards Australia is Australia’s representative of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

European style plug & socket.

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