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Do your power boards meet Australian standards?

Do your power boards meet Australian standards?

Purchasing your power distribution boards from an Australian company or using the same brand for the last 20 years, does not always mean you are getting something that meets Australian Standards.
Here at Powersafe we invest heavily into research and development to ensure our products are at the forefront of the market and meet Australian Standards.

Do your boards comply to the following standards?

  • AS3012:2010-2-6-11 – Units are required to be located 1.2m to 2m above the floor, and fitted to a structure designed for that purpose. Powersafe units fit the ST1 Poly Stand meeting this standard.
  • A3012-2010- (d)  – Where the switchboard is provided with a socket outlet, means to prevent strain at the connection, such as an insulated or covered tie bar, shall be provided for the anchorage of external cables and flexible cords. Some manufacturers are using metal tie off rails which does not meet this standard as may be claimed. Powersafe Boards are mounted on a poly board stand providing the required tie bar as per the standard.
  • AS4024.1604-2006  – Does your application require an emergency stop? All boards in the Powersafe large industrial range are fitted with Cat 2 Emergency stops as standard, an upgrade kit is available for Cat 2 & 4 remote emergency stops if required under the standard.
  • AS3012-2010-2.3.3  – Switchboards are to be securely attached to a pole, wall, floor or other structure unless of a stable freestanding design that takes into account any external forces that may be exerted on the board, for example, by flexible cords. The Powersafe range attach to a Poly Board stand which can then be anchored to the ground.
  • AS3439.4-1995  –  Does your board have an IP rating and independent certification? The minimum in the standard is IP43. Is this rating fit for its purpose? e.g. IP66 for outdoor exposed applications. Many manufacturers use IP rated switchgear to mask the fact their boards are not tested. Powersafe use IP66 switchgear and then send each standard model of board for independent certification for testing to IP66.
  • Breather drains are fitted to vent condensation by allowing air circulation while not allowing moisture into the board. Powersafe use an IP66 rated breather drain to maintain the boards IP integrity.


  • Stackable design for transport and storage
  • Entire board is tested to IP66 not just the switchgear
  • Australian owned and operated company
  • Flame and UV resistant polyethylene
  • 5 year pro rata warranty
  • 10kA rated MCB/RCD
  • Power indicators on all three phases
  • Emergency stop fitted as standard