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New technology delivers safety: RCD DUO

New technology delivers safety device: RCD Duo

Designed for generators, isolation transformers and environments where earthing is an issue.

Compared to a traditional RCD, which simply isolates power when there is a current imbalance between the fault and earth; the Powersafe RCD DUO provides a much broader range of protection. The ability to operate in a variety of earthing environments, the RCD DUO isolates power on MEN, IT & TT type systems in the occurrence of fault to earth. Eliminating the need for earth staking generators; the RCD DUO is connected to the earth circuit.


Caravan & RV industry: When connected to mains power, the standard safety switch should offer protection. However once mobile and running off a generator or inverter the RCD DUO is the only way you are protected from a fault to earth.

Inverters and UPS systems: As an inverter or UPS system have no earth circuit, most workplaces recommend that these devices only power one socket outlet. The idea here is that it is les likely that two faults will develop if only one device is in use. Reality shows however that more often than not either multiple tools, or a power board are used. The RCD DUO looks at the connected earth circuit (downstream or inverter) and will isolate power in the event of a fault to earth.

Site where power is derived from portable generators: For example construction sites, emergency services and field maintenance work often use portable generators without earthing at all, negating the protection offered by a traditional safety switch.


Powersafe Products is well-known for its innovative power boards focusing on safety and efficiency. With the understanding that the majority of portable RCD boards will not protect you on most portable generators; Powersafe Product have developed the technology to physically monitor the earth circuit for voltage and current. This is achieved through the RCD DUO, which combines Powersafe Products earth sensing device and a traditional RCBO. Implement this technology into personal or professional situations through the use of Powersafe Products IP66 power boards, with the RCD DUO device fitted as standard.

With a commitment to quality and outstanding service; Powersafe Products provides not just power boards, but all the accessories for efficient power distribution: CEE form sockets, outlets, powerlock cables, extension leads, and more…