Switched extension lead socket

Another innovation in extension leads from the PowerSafe team is the switched lead socket, which can both potentially save significant amounts of work time over the course of a year and increase the safety of on-site workers.

Consider how much time is spent, walking to and from equipment and power source to prepare for maintenance or repair, for example, changing a grinding disk or drill bit.switched extension lead

Sites’ risk assessment audits found that on many occasions, workers would leave equipment on during maintenance simply to save time and/or effort – a small oversight that leads to multiple risks to life and machinery.

With an IP66 switched 10A or 15A lead socket, safe and reliable switch-off is available right there at the tool rather than at the power source. An LED indicator light offers additional safety.

Developed in-house and fully certified for use in Australia, the switched lead socket is one of those innovations that causes us to wonder why it wasn’t developed years ago – simple yet profound – and bringing a new level of electrical protection to worksites Australia-wide.