#2 Rotary on-off/switches

Attention to detail. Its what sets Powersafe apart in the market when it comes to their power safety boxes. Assembled in Australia by qualified electricians, these power distribution boards are superior for a few good reasons.in the previous post was the load/isolating switch, meeting and exceeding Australian standards.

Arc flashes – often caused when personnel fail to ensure equipment has been properly de-energised before connecting or disconnecting – can cause injury, sometimes serious.

Many powerboards on the market today feature outlets which can only be turned off via the breaker – which is sometimes difficult to find. In the event of an emergency, valuable seconds can be lost trying to find it, and often, being so inconvenient, users plug and unplug without first de-energising the socket, opening the possibility of creating arc flashes.

Powersafe instead use rotary on/off switches on all 415v outlets that have LED light indication to show when the switch is on, reducing the possibility of arc flash. It can also be locked off for service.

While this is standard on all Powersafe powerboards, many other boards do not use rotary on/off switches.

Most work sites now include procedures to lock breaker windows, so that only an electrician can investigate any faults that occur.

rotary switches

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