electrical safety

Putting Safety First

Putting electrical safety first

Electrical safety is everyone’s responsibility and choosing the right electrical equipment is essential to ensure the protection of personnel and equipment on site.


Powersafe Products have invested heavily in product research and development to ensure they are at the forefront of the power distribution market. Manufacturing innovative and modern power distribution equipment and accessories reflective of current site compliance and standards. Products are built using only the highest quality materials and subject to strict inspections and testing.

Powersafe Products have individual compliance certificates for all items used during manufacturing including outlets, breaker, cabling and boards. As an ISO certified organisation, customers are assured that Powersafe Products are a credible and trustworthy manufacturer, distributing products of high quality and safety.


With a range of portable power boards built in Australia, Powersafe Products have the ability to customise products based on individual customer needs. Considering site or application requirements, Powersafe can create the perfect board that meets safety compliance while efficiently distributing power throughout a large mining site or event, construction and industrial environments.


Powersafe Products supply numerous accessories, which support the range of portable power boards and enhance the safety and efficiency of any site. Board stands raise boards off the ground allowing personnel easy access while removing a trip hazard and damage to boards. When there is power equipment, there are extension leads, and in most situations there are numerous leads throughout the site. While on the ground leads create trip hazards for personnel and potential for injury and damage to equipment. To overcome these situations, use cable covers, which provide protection on the ground or lead stands, which elevate leads above personnel or vehicle height.