The Powersafe Switched Lead Socket continues our tradition of developing and bringing to market, innovative electrical safety products. Developed in house and fully certified for use in Australia, the Powersafe Switched Lead Socket brings a new level of electrical protection to your worksite.

Many sites require workers to switch off, and then disconnect power before performing maintenance on tools, such as changing grinding disks and drill bits. Following many sites conducting risk assessments this was seen as a critical area where workers were not following procedure.

The Powersafe switched extension lead has been developed to make this task easy by switching the power and allowing disconnection at the tool rather than 20-30m away at the power source.

Featuring braided cable, where the outer braid is connected to the earth pin at the plug and socket, the Powersafe Braided Switched Extension Leads are the new pinnacle in site safety and risk mitigation. The Powersafe Switched Braided Extension Leads are available in 10A and 15A in various lengths.

Key features

  • 1.5mm² cable for 10A and 2.5mm² cable for 15A
  • LED Indicator Light
  • Tinned copper braid is connected to the earth for additional protection
  • Australian Certified IP66 3 pin plug and socket
  • Super flexible cable eliminated tangles and provides longer life expectancy than standard cable
  • Reduced electromagnetic interference
  • Impact tested to 100 joule
  • Manufactured to Australian and New Zealand standards AS/NZ 3112, 3120, 3 1 91 and 3199
  • Custom lengths available on request