safety innovation

Product Innovation is key to safety

Production innovation is key to safety

Providing industrial quality, power distribution equipment and supplies throughout Australia since 2008. Powersafe Products understand industry requirements and customer needs, evident in the manufacture of products exceeding in safety and endurance. Product innovation and development has been a key strategy for Powersafe Products to overcome industry constraints and meet current safety standards.


Unlike competitors, Powersafe Products have integrated their large range of portable power boards with wired and wireless remote stop capabilities. In compliance with Australian standard 4024 for the safeguard of machinery.

The wired emergency stop feature enables either one or several emergency stops located throughout a site to be working in tandem. Therefore if one emergency stop is triggered all power from the board is isolated. The wireless emergency stop feature enables the button to be clipped to a users belt and can isolate power if required. Additionally the button can be fitted with a range alarm, to alert the user that they are outside the device range and will isolate the power if not returned.


The Powersafe Products range meets the needs of construction, mining and many industries within Australia and New Zealand; tested by Australian certified electricians and to IP66 ratings. Distributing only equipment and supplies which can be used on sites without having any upgrades or expensive overhauls. Compared to the current Australian market, Powersafe Products are value for money offering very competitive prices considering the number of outlets, switches, RCDs, quality and safety features. Portable power boards can also be customised to meet specific customer needs and industry requirements.


When customers purchase from Powersafe Products, they are getting the highest quality equipment and supplies in the market. The company believes in their product range and its capabilities for customers; offering an unparalleled 5 years pro-rata warranty. A one stop shop for portable power distribution equipment and accessories.