emergency stop

Meeting standards saves lives

There may be a time when an emergency stop will save a life.

Portable power boards, often used in remote locations, control electricity powerful enough to drive several high performing power tools, pumps or an industrial kitchen. Whenever there’s electricity, there is always life, limb and equipment to be kept safe through risk mitigation.

Due diligence alone would suggest that an “emergency stop” or an on/off switch is a necessity. Common sense would suggest that such a stop button or switch was easily seen and accessed.

Australian standards support common sense (see below).

Powersafe’s powerboards are the only 3-phase boards on the market which come with an emergency stop and an on/off switch fitted as a standard option.

In keeping with Australian standards, Powersafe’s emergency stop can be locked off, but not on, is clearly marked and accessed, not behind a window that makes it hard to locate. It is not behind a window that can be padlocked.

 Believe it or not, there are power boards available where the only means of isolating the power is behind a window which can padlocked on!

Australian standards ruling: AS3000 – states “Devices for isolation:

C) clearly and reliably indicate the isolating position of the device

F) be readily available

AS3439.4. 9.1.3 C) The load switching device shall be easily accessible without the use of a key or tool, unless national regulations require otherwise.