Leading the way for safe power distribution

Factors that make for safe work practices on mining sites are multi-faceted.

Some are highly visible and costly. Others protect workers in ways that are mostly unheralded and with a minimum of fuss and cost.

Extension leads supplied by Powersafe Products significantly reduce risk of electrical onsite incidents thanks to a feature that is virtually undetectable.

While appearing like any other 240v or 3-phase extension lead, a tinned copper-braid which provides an extra layer around the inner assembly can potentially save personnel from electrical injury.

In the event of a sharp or heavy object falling on a standard lead without the copper-braid layer, there is a possibility that dangerous electrical currents can pass from the severed lead into attached or nearby machinery. The danger in wet conditions becomes even greater.

However, with Powersafe’s extension leads, with the tinned copper braid connected to the earth pin at the plug and socket end, upon severing or damage to the lead, the RCD or earth safety device will be tripped, and the flow of power instantly stopped, preventing risk of injury to personnel or damage to equipment.

In addition, the three-phase leads are covered by UV stabilised neoprene sheathing, which is resistant to oils, chemical corrosion and weathering, able to be used in wet or dry conditions, and is available in 20A, 32A, 50A, 63A, in various lengths and in either safety yellow or black.

On any site where there is high levels of traffic and activity, Powersafe’s earth-screened extension leads will give management and workers peace of mind.