extension leads

The answer to extension lead frustrations

Like a car’s handling is only as good as its tyres, an extension lead is only as good as the plug and socket.

From listening to feedback from customers, and understanding their frustrations, Powersafe set about designing a new type of plug and socket – safer, stronger, more durable.

Assembled in Australia by qualified electricians, the plug and socket used on Powersafe extension leads are the only ones on the market designed specifically for braided leads.

A quick comparison between the Powersafe plugs and those used by competitors shows the material and design is focused on increasing durability and safety (see below).


Click image above to magnify.

Powersafe’s plugs are molded with a “seal retention lip” keeping the primary seal fixed in place, ensuring IP rating is retained. The plug mating seal on other plugs are not secure, and are often lost or misplaced, particularly when they adhere to the socket, and are accidentally removed when disconnected. They can then fall off and are lost, compromising the IP66 rating.

The pins used in Powersafe’s plugs-pins are made of superior metal, and will last much longer, particularly if disconnected and connected continually. Some plugs on the market, which use softer metal, are often rendered useless after short term, heavy use.

Powersafe’s plug and socket gland is designed to receive both standard and braided cable – unlike others available – from 1-4mm2 while retaining IP66 rating.

These plug and socket can be used on 240v braided leads, 3-phase braided leads, 3 phase H07 rubber leads and custom leads.