power distribution board

#5 Drain/vent fitted – stopping moisture

The last thing you want in an industrial power board is a built-up of moisture.

Powersafe use a special IP rated drain in our power boards that will let water out but not in. It also allows air to vent through the board preventing condensation.

Operating in humid conditions, or a hot day followed by a cold night – as is the case on many mine and construction sites – can lead to condensation inside of power boards.

If there is no way to control the air flow and allow moisture to get out, it will cause issues. Moisture and electricity do not mix!

None of our competitors’ boards are fitted with drains or vents.

Testing the unit as a whole

Powersafe also goes one stop further to protect the internals of their power boards from the outside elements, being one of the few manufacturers who test the entire board for IP66 rating.

Many manufacturers use the IP rating of the switchgear to mask the fact their boards as an entire unit are not tested.

Powersafe use IP66 switchgear and then send each standard model off for independent certification to IP66 by a certified CNAS lab.

Powersafe boards are rated to IP66 – as an entire unit – to withstand harsh conditions. We have seen boards claiming to be IP65 yet the components they are using have a lower IP rating