5 reasons powerboards

Five aspects of a great portable power board

Portable powerboards are the action movie character of the electrical power world, typically leading a life of thrills and spills. They are constantly moved, impacted, vibrated, and subject to challenging conditions.

That’s only the start of the action. Portable powerboards must meet site requirements, comply with Australian standards, be reliable, but also protect personnel and equipment from harm.

Consider five reasons why Powersafe leads the market for safety and dependability of 3 phase powerboards on the Australian market:

#1 Load/isolating switch

The load/isolating switch is used to ensure that any electrical current is completely de-energised for service or maintenance, for example to change the blade on a power saw.

Currently there are several Australian standards which prescribe the appearance and design of the load/isolating switch on portable powerboards.

The design team at Powersafe have taken careful attention to ensure not only the standards are met, but the intention of the standards is carried out.

For example, the on/off switch on all of Powersafe’s powerboards is easily identifiable and accessed without the use of a tool or a key.

Compare this to some other boards on the market where the main switch is behind a tinted window that can be padlocked in the on position. This prevents access to the only way of turning off the board, thus failing to meet Australian standards. The main switch is not easily identifiable, nor is it easy to access (AS3012:14.5.4-C).

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