Multiple RCDs

#4 RDCs – stop nuisance tripping

Continuing in our series “5 reasons why Powersafe’s boards are the best available on the Australian market” – #4 – Powersafe use one RCD to two 240V outlets to stop nuisance tripping.

In contrast, some of our competitors use one RCD to 12x 240 V outlets to reduce cost.

Why is this important? An RCD trips when there is earth leakage (current flowing to earth/potential electrical shock) greater then 30mA.

Any one piece of equipment when tested must have less then this current flow to be deemed safe to use. However, if 12 pieces of equipment/tools are connected to one RCD, each piece only needs 2.5mA to start the tripping of the RCD (which at 2.5mA each piece of equipment is safe to use).

Every time the RCD trips, an electrician will lose time trying to determine whether one piece of equipment caused the trip or a combination. Alternatively, if there is one piece of faulty equipment connected to a board with only one RCD, the whole board shuts down for a fault on one outlet.

A board that has multiple RCDs has far less opportunities for nuisance tripping, creating less interference with other users of the board.

One RCD is a far cheaper way to build a power board but consider the potential cost of the down time lost in labour?