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#3 Safe Latches

There are several reasons why Powersafe Products can claim to manufacture the premier powerboard on the market today.

The first reason offered in the previous post was the load/isolating switch meeting and exceeding Australian standards. Reason #2 was the use of rotary on/off switches.

#3 Latches

Heavy duty gloves are often an essential piece of protective clothing for those using heavy machinery. Most portable distribution boxes on the market feature small latches on power outlets, that make it almost impossible to open while using globes.

Latches on Powersafe’s portable distribution boxes are 300% larger for easy use even when wearing gloves.

In addition, competitors’ boards use stickers to identify RCD protection, which in harsh conditions, will fade or fall off quickly. Safety is compromised without this identificiation.

Powersafe’s latches include laser engraved identification and markings, which will never wear or fall off. It’s this careful attention on to smaller details of power distribution boxes which can make a big difference in an emergency.

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