three phase extension leads

3 phase extension leads

On job sites, having a source of consistent, safe power, is essential.

Industries across Australia trust Powersafe Products to deliver the supplies necessary to get the job done. Since 2008, the company has been providing everything from power boards and switchgear to 3 phase extension leads and cables. The entire range are made tough for Australian conditions and tested to meet all relevant standards for safety. Powersafe Products is the company to call for Power Safety.


There are several choices when it comes to power on job sites. Single phase power transmits alternating current (AC) using two conductors, a go and a return. However, where more power is required, a 3 phase power supply can transmit three times the amount of power of a single phase system. A 3 phase system only needs one extra conductor. What that translates to is a 200 per cent increase in the amount of electricity being transmitted.

These systems are much more efficient and effective when large amounts of power are needed. In many situations, 3 phase extension cables and leads will be needed as well to transmit power over longer distances. Powersafe Products can provide the right 3 phase extension cable for any situation.


Powersafe Products supplies a wide variety of industries with power distribution equipment and accessories, adhering to standards and requirements. Offering only products that can be used on sites without the need for any expensive overhauls or restructuring.

Powersafe Products invest heavily in product research and development and monitor changing compliance standards to ensure innovative products that stand out from the crowd and meet customer needs and exceed expectations. When you require safety, Australian made and quality products built tough to last, choose Powersafe Products.


When customers purchase from Powersafe Products, they are getting modern and innovative products that are reflective of current industry requirements. Exceeding in safety and endurance, customers receive the highest quality equipment and supplies on the market. Powersafe believes in their product range and its capabilities for customers. A one stop shop for portable power distribution equipment and accessories.

For high quality, industrial, electrical products and outstanding service, choose the company that makes safety a priority – Powersafe Products.